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I believe in youuu…
Realize, all you desire, aim higher
I’ll stay by your side through the fire
I’ll see you through… I’ll see you through

Melo-X ft. Elle Pierre: Finer Things (produced by Melo-X and Sango of Soulection)

by studyin-the-rain April 16, 2014

I first met Ronny Elliott in 2003 at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival. I was blown away with his songwriting, and vocal delivery. It was a bonus when I found out that he had personal stories about meeting Elvis, and working with Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. I particularly like the one about when he opened for Jimi Hendrix, and was asked to help hold up an amp while Jimi humped his guitar up against. Oh, did I mention, Ronny has lots of stories, and is a great story teller? Go see for yourself.

Here’s the website.

Here’s his blog.

by studyin-the-rain April 16, 2014

Here’s a Til Willis track from the album Rumors of A City. This track was recorded at Royal Recording Studio in Memphis, TN. It features horns by Wayne Jackson (of the Memphis Horns) and Tom McGinley. This track and Sensation off the same album were the last time that Wayne Jackson and legendary producer Willie Mitchell ever worked together.

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Lead off track to the album Crow, Soldier by Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy

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ghettosexual asked: is it possible to suggest/submit tracks?

No, tumblr doesn’t allow submissions of audio files… BUT, you can contribute—apply here

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I. Love. This. Song.

Lord when I’m sad, when I’m sad she comes to me.
A thousand smiles, she gives to me free.
It’s alright, it’s alright, she says it’s alright,
take anything you want from me, anything.

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Here Comes A RegularThe Replacements

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Jay-Z | I Know (feat. Pharrell Williams)
American Gangster (2007)

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Koko Taylor - I’d Rather Go Blind

Kinda obsessed with this song today… it makes me want to slow dance all romantic like and shit. Mmm…